Solebury Democrats


 Helen Tai for State Rep in the 178th Assembly District

           Special Election May 15 2018

     to fill the vacant position until the end of the term Dec 2018.

     Election Date is May 15th,  the same day as the primary.   

     Please note, this is an entirely separate election !! 

     Vote for Helen Tai for State Rep on May 15th 2018.



Primary Elections May 15 2018 to Nominate the Democratic Candidate for Nov 6 2018


PA State Rep for the 178th Assembly District

PA State Senator for the 10th Senatorial District

US Congressperson for the 8th Congressional District

US Senator for Pennsylvania

Lt. Governor Pennsylvania

Goovernor Pennsylvania


TURN the 178th,  Bucks, PA and the US Congress BLUE!!! 



Meeting of the Solebury Democrats  Mon, Apr 16, 7PM   ***** 2018 Elections are here!! Let's go!


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