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The Democratic National Committee
Pennsylvania Democrats
Bucks County Democrats
Bucks County Board of Elections

Solebury Township
Helen Tai, for State Rep
Noel Barrett, Solebury Supervisor
Kevin Morrissey, Solebury Supervisor

Robert McEwan for Solebury Supervisor 6yr

Mark Baum Baicker for Solebury Supervisor 2yr

Committee of 70
League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania
House Democratic Caucus


Bylaws of the Solebury Democrats


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"Three Branches of Government"-




Our Local Democratic Elected Officials with Term End

Helen Tai,  State Rep in the 178th Assembly District  (2018)

Helen Tai for State Rep




Diane Marseglia,  Commissioner  (2019)

Robin Robinson, Recorder of Deeds (2021)

Judi Reiss,  Prothonatory  (2021)

Neale Dougherty, Controller  (2021)

Milt Warrell, Sheriff   (2021)


Solebury Township:

Supervisors -

      Helen Tai  (2019) - resigned May 2018 to serve as State Rep

      Mark Baum Baicker (2019)

      Noel Barrett  (2021)

      Kevin Morrissey   (2021)

      Robert McEwan   (2023)


Auditor: Bill Birnes (2019)


New Hope Solebury Schoolboard

Directors -

     Deirdre Alderfer (2021)

    Andrew Ordover (2021)

    Liz Sheehan (2021)

   Dana Schwartz (2021)



How to Vote in Solebury
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