About Solebury Democrats


Democratic committee members from New Hope, Solebury and all over Bucks County march in the New Hope Pride Parade, May 20, 2017


Chair: Carol Spiewak

Vice Chair: Gerry Bogatz

Treasurer: Dottie Bartel

Secretary: Annsi Stephano

Democratic Committee Persons

Lower 1: Gus Rogers

Lower 2: Judy Hallberg , Allison Glickman

Middle: Carol Spiewak, Annsi Stephano

Upper: Eric Allen, Gerry Bogatz

Our Districts

Solebury Residents are in the following districts:

PA Senatorial District 10

US 8th Congressional District

Pennsylvania Assembly District 178 (see maps here)

Democratic Solebury Supervisors

Noel Barrett (elected 2015)  -  term end  2021

Kevin Morrissey (elected 2015)  - term end 2021

Mark Baum Baicker (elected 2017) - term end 2019

Robert McEwan (elected 2017)  - term end 2023

John Francis (appointed 2018) - term end 2019


Democratic State Representative

Helen Tai (elected May 2018)

Who We Are

The Solebury Democrats is a grassroots group of concerned and committed Solebury citizens, registered Democrats, that embrace all people, with an interest in local issues & local, state & national elections. For information on how to join, email us at info@soleburydemocrats.com


Our Mission

To elect Democrats and assure that the Principles and Values held by the Democratic Party are integrated into all levels of government.


- Equal Opportunity and Justice for All

- Wealth and privilege should not be an entitlement to rule, nor should those with the most influence write their own rules

- Greed and Recklessness should not be rewarded

- Focus on building and maintaining our economy and protecting our environment for the long run


To educate, energize, and mobilize Solebury residents in order to elect Democratic Party candidates to all levels of government.


We are affiliated with the Bucks County Democratic Committee and work closely with Democratic and other Progressive organizations across the county.


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